Tigger with the Big Heart

Tigger passed away about a month ago. He was thirteen.


Tigger had a big heart. Metaphorically, and literally.

His heart was about 1.5 times bigger than it was supposed to be, and because of that, it was weak and could not pump normally. Cardiomyopathy, to be specific, according to Cheryl. Cheryl had been watching over Tigger for the past six months since his first semi heart attack. Fluids backed up into his lungs and he couldn’t breathe and that was when we first discovered Tigger’s heart problem. Tigger made it through two attacks in the last six months before he succumbed to the third. I brought him home from Cheryl’s clinic after he recovered from his first attack and he gained back all the weight he lost and was his happy self again. But it happened again. And again.

Tigger did not like the other cats. He always liked being alone with me. And that’s why he sleeps by my side every night. He would wake up when I did and walk me to the bathroom every morning. He would also come to the door when I got home to greet me and walk me to my bed again. Sometimes he would climb onto me and sit on my chest in the middle of the night, waking me up as a result. I still wonder why. Tigger loved to talk too. He would meow back when you called his name. Or just to let you know he missed you because you were gone all day. I think he even tried to speak the word “hello” once.

Two days before he died, he had another attack. And I knew it was about time. I wrapped him in a towel and hugged him to sleep that night. I told him everything that I wanted to tell him and thanked him for being the most amazing companion I could have ever asked for. Every day, I saw it in his eyes that I was his world. To him, I was everything. I was his source of food, entertainment, hugs, and love. He was the only cat that would come to me when I called his name.

On the day of my project presentation, he had to go to the hospital in the morning because he could not move. I could tell that he was in a lot of pain. After dropping him off at the clinic, I went to school around 12 in the afternoon. Sometime later in the day, I didn’t feel quite right and felt like I need to see him and so I left school and we went to the clinic. When we arrived at the clinic, the nurse told us that Tigger had passed about 15 minutes ago.

We brought Tigger home that day and put him in a box with a blanket and all of his favourite toys. We filled the box with flowers and lit a candle next to him and waited for the morning to bury him in the back next to his brother who had died one year earlier.

Most days I come home and as I’m walking up the stairs to my room I still want to call out his name so that he would come to the door to wait for me. The room feels so empty now. But kitty heaven sounds amazing, and I’m sure it is. Mommy loves you wherever you are.

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My Beauty & Shopping Trail at Pacific Plaza


What a wonderful day spent at Pacific Plaza on a Monday!

I woke up and headed straight to Pacific Plaza for my day of beauty treatments and shopping. First up, my manicure at Christine Nail Salon!

Christine Nail Salon, #03-16


If it were up to me, I would start every day with a manicure. Because, why not! It was just the perfect way to start my Monday morning.




Getting my nails filed and buffed. It’s been almost two months since my last manicure. Due time!


Love that they had a huge selection of colours to choose from, which is not typical of gel nail polish. And brands! They even had a range of products that were free of formaldehyde.

The girls were all very smiley and so helpful and they even picked out the perfect nail colour for me! We decided on a glitter pink to match my blue tweed dress and a little sparkly ribbon bow to top it off.


And voila!

Photo 11-11-15, 14 24 18

The final touches… Putting on the ribbon bow. Thank you Christine!

The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist, #03-08

Getting my eyelashes permed for the first time! I usually do extensions for my lashes but they do cause them to fall out so I thought I would try out a perm this time round.

Photo 11-11-15, 14 25 17

I was initially quite worried about the experience because it was my first time perming my eyelashes and I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out, it was not the least bit uncomfortable! It didn’t hurt at all and the technician was extremely gentle and comforting as she told me exactly what she was doing. I was told not to open my eyes throughout the process and it helped that she talked me through it.

It was just like waking up to beautiful lashes after a nice nap! They’re not exactly longer but they definitely look longer. A great way to spruce up your lashes especially if you have dead straight lashes like me.

Here you go! The final result sans mascara!

With mascara, they look just as pretty and dolly as if I had fake lashes on. Five minutes with my mascara and I’m out of the house!

Quote ‘Amanda’ to enjoy 1 for 1 Korean Eyelash Perm at $48 only. Valid till 25 December, 2015!

Next up… Some Christmas shopping at Quintessential.

Quintessential, #02-01

I have been here in this shop a couple of times but I never got to talk to the owners. This time I did, and actually found out that they actually have their own line of bags and jewellery designed by them! The ladies at the store were extremely helpful and actually spoke to me and talked to me more about my style preferences. They then recommended what they thought would suit me!


This line of bags is actually named Clutch Me by Q and was designed by the owners themselves. A great selection of exotic skins! My favourite.


They have python…


Monitor lizard…


And even hand-sewn beads!

My favourite of all, and their latest design, has got to be the calf hair tote. It’s not as exotic as python or lizard, but it’s definitely unique and eye-catching!


And sequin Emoji bags!


How cute are they!

They also have a huge range of jewellery made from raw and unpolished semi-precious stones that they also designed themselves that is elegantly named Stoned by Q.


Beautiful pieces… There is just something so luxurious and yet understated about raw and unpolished semi-precious stones.


Don’t you think!

What is most amazing about the bags and jewellery at Quintessential is how amazingly affordable they are. Most of the bags were priced below $250 and the jewellery pieces below $100. They are an absolute steal for how beautiful and exquisite they are!

True Yoga, #04-01

After all that shopping getting my heart rate up it was time for yoga! I have to say… My day started off amazing and it just kept getting better!

Entrance Members' Lounge Yoga Studio

True Yoga’s first center was opened in Pacific Plaza at Scotts Road in November 2004. Spanning 13,000 square feet, the Pacific Plaza center is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district offering a retreat from the stress of modern life. The Pacific Plaza center boasts 7 spacious studios and offers over 200 classes weekly with over 30 different types of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes!

Photo 11-11-15, 14 35 44

I attended the Groundwork1 class, which is traditionally the foundation of all ‘styles’ of yoga and helps you to form the pillars of your practice, with an emphasis on developing strength and stability. Groundwork1 also helps to improve muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and focuses on working towards a healthy body composition.

I can’t say that I was actually able to keep up with the class being a beginner yogi as this was an intermediate class but it was great fun while it lasted. I felt a lot more calm and focused after all that walking around and shopping.

Chrysalis Spa, #03-13


After my long day of shopping and beauty treatments and yoga, it was time to wind down with a relaxing facial at Chrysalis Spa! What a great life!


Getting served tea upon walking in and feeling like a total princess after being pampered left and right all day.

I was then asked to fill in a form for them to understand more about my skin type and condition so as to provide me with a more customized experience. They were also super helpful when I told them that I needed to take some photos for this blog post.


A photo before the start of my facial… After that, I completely fell asleep during the facial because of how comforting the scents were. The products that they used on me smelled amazing, and so was the neck and shoulder massage.

And that was the end of my beauty trail at Pacific Plaza, which was an amazing six hours of being treated like a queen. A great place to refresh yourself as a woman and Christmas shopping for sure!

And don’t forget to check out the Christmas promotion at Pacific Plaza!


9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210