1. Wow! That’s amazing! I am also trying to exercise as much as I can but just feel like a couch potato some days, haha. 3.8kg is amazing too! All the best with your second one, and thanks for sharing, Tricia!

  2. Tricia lee

    Hi amanda, really happy for you and ll. Pregnancy for my 1st boy last year felt absolutely horrifying. I had pimples on my back which i never had, craved for sweet durians and a nose which constantly looks like it has been assaulted. Watever pregnancy glow they were talking about, i surely din have it. I felt like u tinking it was a girl too but no, its a boy after the paronoma test. I put on 10kg in total but my boy was massive 3.8kg at birth. I ran and swim 5 times a week, it was tough but i kept at it and gave birth naturally in 7 hours. I am 38 btw. So, since u are fit as well, u shd not have any problem and i tink fitness is the most important thing, so keep at it. Your pilates and all. I m now pregnant with the 2nd one and my boy is barely 6 months old. Pretty much a shocker for both of us. But this pregnancy feels completely different from the 1st. We hope its a girl this time! :)

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